Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why I don't use Facebook...

People keep asking me why I don't use Facebook.  Indeed, they seem rather shocked when I tell them I don't have a page at all.  Well, there are several reasons.  I don't have the time or patience to update yet another social medium.  I just don't care about connecting with people that I GLADLY left behind in High School.  I have enough demands on my attention as it is and don't need another sucking up my life.  But mostly, I see it as a shallow, hollow mockery of human society and a perfect example of everything that is wrong with our current day and age.  So, I set out to prove to myself, and to others, what a load of garbage it was.

First, I made up a completely fictional person.  I wanted this person to be almost the complete opposite of me, so, naturally I made her a girl.  A girl my age, who went to my high school at the same time I did, and then I made up a bunch of other crap about her.  Things she liked to do, clubs she was in in school, where she went to college, where she was born, where she lives now, what she does for a living, etc.  I took this fictional girl and I made a facebook page for her.

Within two weeks I had over three hundred friend requests.  THREE HUNDRED!!!  I had messages from people saying that we used to date.  I had messages from people who remembered me in school and how beautiful they always thought I was.  I had messages from people who claimed to be high school buddies of mine.  I got TWO, yes TWO men who seemed to be under the mistaken impression that they had once asked me to marry them and wanted to see if the relationships had any chance of picking up where it left off. I got messages from people who claimed to be my high school teachers wanting to hook up with some of the students that they remember.  I EVEN GOT MESSAGES FROM PEOPLE WHO CLAIMED TO FREAKING WORK WITH ME NOW!!!

Does anyone else see a problem with this?  Anyone at all?

This is why I think facebook is garbage.  And this is why I will never be on it.


  1. I find it incredible that no one has commented on this. If I did facebook you'd get an instant like (yet people overuse the button so much). I can relate to all of it, except the fake page of course. The truth is that people live life like if it's still high school, trying to win popularity contests, having the most friends (even if most of their "friends" wouldn't care if they die). Instead I've always been for having a few GOOD friends and I simply don't play these social games people seem to enjoy. I wonder if they really enjoy it or iif it helps them cope with insecurity.

    Great post Eric!

  2. Nice post, I added link to your post in my article.

  3. It's about simply living a real life apart from the world of "likes" and "comments". It is just a fad which will fade away eventually.I think this is merely a craze for publicity and acceptance. And that sure is not keeping the well being of the society in mind. Facebook, according to me, is an intruder who trespasses into our privacy, and the thing which is most absurd is that people actually welcome it.