Monday, November 5, 2012

NaNo Day 4

NaNo Day 4 has come and gone and I have now reached 36,778/50,000 words for the competition goal.  It is likely that I will reach that goal within the next couple of days, depending on how bad the election mail is at work.  Again, it is my goal not only to reach and surpass the 50,000 words for the competition this month, but to complete my entire first draft, and at this time, it seems very likely that I will be able too.  I'm somewhere between a third and halfway done with it at this time.  Assuming I don't run out of steam, I'm pretty confident that I will easily finish well before the month is out.

I've now finished 14 chapters in addition to the prologue that I wrote last year.  If you care to read these chapters, and any further chapters that I complete, please feel free to check them out on my I Am Nobody Homepage.

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