Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Memories of What Never Was Chapter 10 Draft 1

So I made some very minor edits to Chapters 2, 3 and 7 so I re-uploaded those to my site, and I also finished up my first draft of chapter 10, you can find them at the bottom of this page.

this chapter has a pretty huge amount of character development in it.  It basically is what gives Brand his reason to fight, and shows Kriss and Raven just how evil the people they've been hunting down for the last 7 years truly are.  The rest of Brand's powers and abilities are shown off here, as well as the consequences he faces for using them, and Kriss' power is really given it's first real showing here as well. 

Memories of What Never Was Chapters 7, 8 and 9 Draft 1

So, there I was, writing full speed ahead with the new changes I planned to make to the story, and then I got to the big opening action scene and went... huh...  So, I knew that I wanted to have an action scene, and a few things that I wanted to happen during it, but I had no idea how to string those things together into an actual scene.  It took me a while to figure it out and get it written.  Well, there was that, and the new deal that the Post Office made with Amazon where we are now delivering 80% of their packages in the USA instead of the 20% we had been before the deal.  This deal basically saved the post office from bankrupsy prety much completely, so I know I really shouldn't complain about it, but I've been working 2-3 extra hours every day because of it, and with all of the bigger, heavier packages I've suddenly been getting, and all the carrying them to doors and stuff, it's really been wearing me out, and when I get home, the last thing I've been wanting to do is sit down and work out what's going to happen in this action scene.  But I'm getting used to the extra work now, and I finally just sat down and plowed through it this weekend.

Soooooo, I've got the first drafts of Memories of What Never Was Chapters 7, 8 and 9 posted on my website, and you can read them by clicking Here.

Hopefully, now that I'm past the part I was stuck on for so long, I can finally get back into a more regular writing schedule and churn out more chapters more quickly.  For the most part, the rest of the book isn't going to play out much differently than the first rewrite attempt did.  There will be a couple of added things here and there, but mostly, it's going to follow the same flow.  I'll probably be rewriting a lot of it, changing up the prose and such, but for the most part, the events will stay the same.