Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNo Day 6

Achievement Unlocked: No Life. (Write 50,000 words of a story in less than a week)

So yeah, I have now reached and surpassed the 50,000 words needed to finish the NaNoWriMo writing competition with 54,866/50,000.  I am now counting the prologue, which I did not write during the competition, in the word count as I have surpassed the 50k goal of the competition without it and have no need to hold it back now.  I am about 2/3 of the way done with the story, and project that I finish up at about 80,000 words, which is dead on for a young adult novel.  I actually think I can finish the first draft of this book within the next seven days.

If you would like to read what I have written on this story thus far, check out my I Am Nobody Homepage.

I've never written a murder mystery type thing before.  So far I think I'm doing relatively well, especially considering how fast I'm plowing through it.

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