Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book Review: Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

So, I've posted the next part of my Dune Retrospective on Goodreads with a Review of Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert.

The biggest question I get when talking about books that come after Dune from most people is "Wait, there's more books after Dune?"  And there are.  In fact many of the further volumes in the series are far better written, far less confusing, and a lot more entertaining.  Dune Messiah, the second volume in the series, is one of those.  Where Dune was basically one gigantic action scene and coming of age story, Dune Messiah is a character study on Paul, going in depth into the philosophy behind the Holy War that he inadvertently started by taking the throne for himself, and what all of it does to him as a person.  It's a very different kind of book than the first in the series, and in my opinion, it's a much better book too.  If you enjoyed Dune but never knew about or picked up any of the sequels, I'm pretty sure you'll really enjoy this one.  It's the shortest volume of the series, but it's also probably the best in my opinion.

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