Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No One Cares About Your Pet But You!!!

All right peoples, being a not quite so mild mannered postal worker by day, I get attacked by a lot of dogs. And the people who own them, when they even bother to NOTICE the fact, seem completely SURPRISED that their dog would EVER do such a thing, or that I could ever possibly be annoyed that their stupid little dog would follow me around barking and nipping at my heels.

Allow me to spell things out, because people like that are obviously too stupid to understand. No one in the entire world gives two damns about your pet. In fact, no one in the world gives a single damn about your pet. Wait, let me check. Yeah, I'm just completely out of damns to give about your pet. When your pet is being a nuisance, making lots of noise, chasing people around, attacking them, it is INCREDIBLY annoying. We don't think everything your pet does is cute. We don't find their behavior acceptable because they're just so lovable. We don't care one way or another if your pet lives or dies, but when it's being a complete nuisance and completely unsupervised by YOU as is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to that pet, we're leaning closer to hoping it dies.

If you own a pet, dog, cat, whatever, you have a responsibility to take care of that pet. This means feeding it, loving it, giving it a place to sleep, all of that. It also means NOT LETTING THE DAMN THING HAVE THE RUN OF THE ENTIRE FREAKING NEIGHBORHOOD 24/7 WITHOUT ANY SUPERVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! News flash people, THIS IS NEGLECT. You are SERIOUSLY neglecting your pet if you allow it to run free. You are also RESPONSIBLE for EVERYTHING that your pet does whilst running free. Destroyed property, YOUR FAULT! Mauled children (or mailmen) YOUR FAULT! Any injury that your pet takes, YOUR FAULT!

I live in Utah, and the leash laws here are rather strict. It is illegal to allow your pet--notice I do not say dog here, but PET--to roam free at any time except in designated park areas. If it is not on a leash, on a chain, or tethered in any other way, behind a fence, or inside your home, you are breaking the law. You are also neglecting your pet. This law applies to cats as well as dogs, and every other animal as well. I do not care if your dog is running around your unfenced front yard whilst you are in it. YOU ARE STILL BREAKING THE FREAKING LAW!!! Also, and I have looked this up, it is perfectly within my lawful rights in the state of Utah, to KILL any dog that is both unsupervised and making a nuisance of itself. This law should probably be changed, yes, but if your dog is barking at the wrong person and chasing them around because you are too stupid to know that this is what dogs do when they are not supervised, it is perfectly lawful for that person to KILL your dog and suffer no legal consequences whatsoever.

Let me explain something to you about dogs. No matter how much you may feel that your dog is a part of your family. No matter what size or temperment your dog may be. IT IS STILL AN ANIMAL! If will still run after strangers. It will still bark and them. It may even try to attack them if it feels threatened. Why? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT DOGS DO YOU FREAKING RETARD!!! And YOU are responsible for EVERYTHING that it does whether it is under your close supervision or not.

So, to recap. No one else on earth cares about your pet. No one else on earth thinks that your pet is cute, or feels any sort of attachment to said pet whatsoever. When your pet is not supervised and roaming free, you are neglecting its care. Anything that happens to that pet is YOUR fault. Anything that your pet does whilst roaming free is also YOUR fault. It is perfectly lawful for anyone to KILL your pet if it is being a nuisance, and suffer no legal repercussions for it.

Think about that, the next time you let your pet roam free and out of your supervision. I'm not saying all of this because I hate pets. I love dogs. I grew up with dogs. I hate to see people who neglect their pets to such a degree that they do not even know or care that that pet is roaming free and possibly attacking random strangers. If you cannot have the simple decency to take proper care of your pet YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE ONE!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Eternal Chain Chapter 8 First Draft

I've finished the first draft of The Eternal Chain, chapter 8 and you can find it at the bottom of this page.

This chapter is a bit more of an introduction to Temari, and solidifying relationships between her and the other characters. There's also a bit of character development for Raven near the end. Something new I've added to TEmari's character to make her a bit more interesting, and give her some comic relif ability without her being so doofy this time around, is that she's a kleptomaniac. She'll steal just about everything she can get her hands on, if it's bolted down, she'll see it as a challenge and steal the bolts while she's at it.

In the original Beyond the Lost Horizon, this part had the characters looking for a piece of a spell deep under the Lost South. In this version, they're going down into the royal tomb to find a weapon left behind by Raven's ancestors. HOWEVER, the "weapon" actually was Temari, and she is leading them to something that is very useful to them, but not exactly a weapon. Also, a pretty epic fight is coming up, and the introduction of a couple of the cast of villains, Behindred, and a new villain called Stark that originally appeared at the very end of my extremely rough draft of what would have been the second book of the original trilogy.

One of the biggest problems with the original version of this story was that none of the villains were really in the story at all until the very end. That's why I really want to introduce as many of them as possible as soon as possible, and have them play a bigger, more noticable part in the story.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Review

The people who publish my book reviews got me a ticket for me to see The Hunger Games movie at a special screening for critics in Vegas last week, as well as a plane ticket to fly there for the day. I've tacked the review they paid me to write onto the end of my Review of the Book on Goodreads if you feel the great urge to see what I had to say about it.

The short version is that it was better than the book, which isn't really saying much. If you liked the book, you'll probably like the movie, despite the fact that it was VERY low-budget, and in a bad way, not in a creatively good way. At 142 minutes in length it really is far too long, and it felt about twice as long, especially when you consider how much of the movie is flled with Twilight-esque awkward silence between two leading actors that obviously hate each other in real life. Woody Harrelson completely stole the show. If only he'd had a bigger part the movie might not have felt as long as it did. THe film also had 3 credited writers and 8 credited producers. It shows. The movie has obviously been cut to shreds and rehashed multiple timesl.

I don't often say this, but honestly, I could have made a better movie. I can think of about five things off the top of my head that I could have done by simply re-editing the existing filmed footage to make an infinitely more involved movie. And hello, i've had all of TWO filmmaking classes. If someone that can't even be called an amatuer can come up with ideas to improve upon what you've done, you KNOW you're a crap film maker.

I wouldn't recomend it to anyone that wasn't already a fan. If you haven't read the books you won't know who any of the characters are or what is going on half of the time. And if you didn't care for them, the same story in different format, especially done so badly, isn't going to change your opinion on it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Eternal Chain Chapter 7 Draft 1

I've finished the first draft of The Eternal Chain Chapter 7 and you can find it at the bottom of this page.

This chapter basically introduces Temari as a character, she's a bit different than she was in the original, more suspicious of humans, more willing to use others for her own ends, less loopy, and hopefully a little more sympathetic. Her storyline is going to revolve around trying to find out just why her trusted friend would put her to sleep for 500 years.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Eternal Chain Chapter 6 First Draft

Well, I've been pretty busy lately. There was the whole death of my grandpa thing, and a bunch of other crap crashing down on me all at the same time. I've really only been able to write my book reviews for the last couple of months. But now I finally have the time to get back to writing.

Anyway, I've posted Chapter 6 of my complete rewrite of Beyond the Lost Horizon, and you can find it at the bottom of this page.

Again, this chapter is similar to the one that it is replacing, but at the same time very different. Temari, rather than being a bounty hunter, has been sleeping under the royal palace in Asturia for 500 years, the reason for which will be gone into later in the story. Again, one of the characters feels strong deja vu just before a life-changing event.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Review: Partials by Dan Wells

I've posted a Review of Partials by Dan Wells on goodreads, if you feel the great urge to read it.

Dan Wells starts off a new series of books with this one, and it was pretty awesome, like pretty much every book he's written.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Only Excedrin Can Get Rid Of Your Headaches.

Do you get frequent headaches? Do you take Excedrin for it? Is Excedrin the only over the counter pain killer that works for your headaches? Well, let me tell you about Excedrin.

Back in the 80s, there was a study done on the addictive properties of Caffiene. Before that time, it was not considered an addictive substance. The makers of Excedrin saw the results that Caffiene is indeed addcitive, and the withdrawl symptoms are severe headaches. SO, they added a large dose of caffiene to each of their Excedrin pills, about equal to that of a large cup of coffee. Every time you take Excedrin, you are taking a HUGE dose of Caffiene too. They're addicting you to the caffiene. Once you've taken Excedrin long enough, you start getting Caffiene withdrawl symptoms, which are typically severe headaches. You take more Excedrin to get rid of them, and it works, not because Excedrin is also a pain killer, but because you're getting your Caffiene fix and feeding your addiction. You will find that the only pain killer that can rid you of your headaches is Excedrin, and so you keep buying it, but it's not the pain killer that is getting rid of your headaches, it's the Caffiene in it.

Smart on their part, I'd say, though there are some in this world that would likely call them evil bastards.

If you are taking Excedrin, and get headaches every 3-5 days, you are addicted to caffiene. If you would like to stop getting headaches, all you have to do is not take Excedrin next time you get one. It will not be fun. Your head will hurt like hell for about 30 hours straight, but once it's over, your addiction will be broken. Until, of course, you eat or drink anything else with caffiene in it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Book Review: Under the Dome by Stephen King

I've posted my Review of Stephen King's Under the Dome on Goodreads.

It was a fun book that was obviously insired by the Simpsons Movie.

Thursday, March 1, 2012