Friday, November 9, 2012

NaNo Day 9

Instead of writing a crapton today, as I have for the previous 8 days, I felt the great urge to take a nap after work.  Ah, it was glorious.  I slept for 4 whole hours.  Spending all day at work out in the snow really wore me out.

But I did get around 5k words written on my story after I woke up, which is pretty good, I suppose, just a lot less than I've been doing thus far.

So, as day 9 of NaNo comes to a close, I find myself at 74,744/50,000 words and I have completed 27 out of a projected 32 chapters.  Only 5 chapters left to go, but I can't write anymore tonight, unfortunately.  My brain is fried from work, and as this is the climax of the story that I'm working on, I'd rather wait until I'm more refreshed to work on it.  This scene is the first one I thought of, the one that the entire story came together around.  I'd hate to suck it up because I was too wasted from a hard day of work to think clearly.  You have NO idea how many typos I just went back and fixed in this post alone.

Anyway, if you'd like to read what I've written so far you can find all completed chapters on the I Am Nobody Homepage.  Enjoy =)

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