Saturday, June 25, 2011


Soooo, the way I come up with stories is that I will usually imagine a few different scenes that will play through my head like a movie, soundtrack and all. If you catch me spacing out either a.) i'm having a seizure, or b.) watching a scene of the story i'm currently writing and working out the bugs. Then I fill in teh places between the scenes with anything that's missing, and then I start outlining and making up character backgrounds to explain why they act the way they act. Music i a big part of how I write because I always imagine specific songs playing during specific scenes and tend to put that song on repeat while writing it. It drives my brother insane.

Anyway, when I'm done, there's usually one song that stands out as kind of the theme song of the story as a whole. So here's the songs that go with the stories I've written. I'm not going to pot MP3s of these songs so you'll have to look them up on your own if you're unfamilliar with them.

Beyond the Lost Horizon - Holdin' out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler. The reason for that is probably pretty obvious if you've read it. Imagine it playing in the background as Brand, Raven, Temari and Tristam are storming Arcanis to rescue Kriss from the Black Tower and stop Shanndryss from releasing an ancient evil.

Spires of Infinity - Holiday (Faded Glory) By Green Day. This song is about breaking through the lies of society to find truth. I chose this one for this story not only because it's really catchy, but because Gabriel is trying to break through the shell of lies that he's built around himself and starting a new life.

The Path - Ready to Roll by Jet Black Stare. This song is basically Sam's theme song, and as this story is mainly about her struggles with her past and trying to fit in where she clearly doesn't, I figured it was a fitting song for the story as a whole.

Exile - Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. A story about two outcasts has a song about being an outcast, no brainer there.

The Ark of Zarathustra - Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire. This story is building up to basically the end of the world, so Eve of Destruction is very fitting.

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