Saturday, June 11, 2011

X-Men: First Class - Spoiler Free

Disappointed by X-men 3? Horrified by Wolverine? I know I was. But fear not, fellow comic book movie fans, X-Men: First Class has surpassed X-Men 2 as my favorite movie in the series.

This movie has an actual, coherant plot, characters that are likable and played by good and likable actors, including the dude from Wanted as Xavier. Character developement and growth. It does not rely heavily on bad CG effects. And it has Kevin Bacon, like every other movie ever made.

If you didn't know, First Class is about Magnito and Professor X in their 20s, first learning about their powers and coming together to find others to fight against those who would use their powers for evil. You get to see the origins of a lot of cool things in the series like their relationship, and their disagreement about how mutants should regard humanity. I'll skip adding more details from the plot so I don't ruin it for anyone.

It's a really fun movie to watch, and almost makes up for the last two movies in the series. As comic book movies go, this one is near the top of the list for well done and awesome. I totally recomend it.

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