Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Path Chapter 6

I've finished the first draft of The Path, Chapter 6 and it can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Ok, so, the last chapter left Sam as the only one not affected by the transmission coming from the black tower off in teh distance. In this chapter she sets out for the tower to save her friends and you get a lot of insights into her character along the way. She reflects on how she hates being treated as though she'd incapable of taking care of herself, stops to help a complete stranger, that sort of thing.

In this chapter you also get to see just how evil Stark can be. She isn't just crazy evil, she's also brutal and completely without remorse or pity. She remembers everything that Allie does about having her mind ripped from her body. She remembers the torture that Allison went through to create the AI for the Spires of Infinity even better than Allie does, because she got all of Allison's negativity and hatred at those that did it to her. She holds ALL humans responsible for it, and will go out of her way just to make people suffer. She completely slaughtered entire families just to sate her curiosity over internal human anatomy. And Sam's mental image of a child splashing happily in mud wasn't just a mental image. That's what actually happened. Stark is one scary and utterly disturbed little girl.

Anyway, enjoy, I hope to be able to concentrate more on writing now that my retard neighbor has finally gotten the freaking hint that he can't crank his stereo up so loud and get away with it.

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