Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Computer Fail!!!

So, aparently while I'm at work all day, my brother is at home looking up porn on my laptop so that his laptop doesn't get infected by all the crap on porn sites. This led to my computer getting some pretty nasty crap on it, and I had to reinstall EVERYTHING. Needless to say I've now put a login password on my computer so only I can use it now, and luckily I back up everything important regularly to an external hard drive which scanned clean once I got my laptop back up and running enough to virus scan it. I'm just really annoyed that i had to waste like 4 hours of my day reinstalling things because someone else is addicted to porn...

I thought about changing the password on my router just to mess with him... but I kinda forgot how to, so oh well, there goes that idea.

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