Sunday, June 5, 2011

-almost- Free iPhone ^^V

So, as a verizon customer, I get a new phone up to $80 for free every 2 years. And my two years just came to an end, so I was looking for a new phone. Well, on friday Apple decided to be generous to postal employees and offered us each an iPhone 4 32GB for $100. I figured if I ever wanted to buy an iPhone i would never find a better deal than 2/3 of the retail price so I signed up. When I went to renew my contract with verizon I found that they were aware of the offer apple made us, and, not to be outdone by apple in treating postal workers with awesomeness, said that they would apply my $80 new phone allowance to my account as a credit toward future bills, so I got the super good deal on an iPhone AND the $80 credit toward a new phone both, making my brand new iPhone cost me only $20, which is less than a tenth what it would cost out of a store. How's that for awesome?

Anyway, sluffed church to day due to some nasty heartburn. FYI, if you've got a headache, don't take Aleeve for it without eating something first. So, back to work on Spires I go. Sometimes changing the point of view in a chapter doesn't take much work, but in this one it REALLY does, plus there are feelings and realizations I want you to see from both characters so I have to keep switching back and forth between them. Right now it's a confusing mess that i hope to clean up into something readable.

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