Friday, July 1, 2011

Small Spires of Infinity Edits

Soooooo, there I was, writing The Path, and I came to the very first storyline with the characters from the previous book, and I found a very big conflict in one of the characters: Sam. In prepping to write from this character's point of view I came up with a lot more backstory for her that contradicts some of her actions in the first book. Ive decided that the first book is wrong, and not my new backstory, and have therefore gone back and changed the first book to match her character's behavior to the person she is rather than having her act a certain way because the plot says so.

As I've said before, Sam has led a pretty nasty life. She was sold as a whore by her own mother when she was 10, escaped in the night, and lived on the street by her own abilities and intelligence for years. A character that can survive a world like hers alone in those circumstances is not a character who would be easily cowed by the Children of the Chosen. She's going to fight back. She's not going to sit in her cell, crying and feeling sorry for herself. She's going to freak out for a few minutes, and then start working on a way to get herself out of the situation before anything bad happens to her.

I've changed chapter 14 to have her fighting back more while being captured, and chapter 21 to have her working on a way to escape rather than huddling in the corner crying. She does start crying when she sees Gabriel, but that's because a.) she's fallen in love with him and she thought he was dead, which is a perfectly natural reaction, and b.) she is incredibly touched that anyone would care enough about her to risk his life to save her, also a perfectly natural reaction, and both fitting her character far better than the way things were before.

As i started writing her storyline in The Path, those two things were really bothering me, because they were so completely out of character for her. If the plot has your characters acting in a way that they wouldn't act there's something wrong with the plot and it needs to be changed, or the character needs to change to fit what's going on. You can't have contradictions in a person's character like that. They all have to act true to who they are at all times or things start falling apart.

Anyway, I went back and fixed those two chapters and reuploaded them on this page. Now I can go back to work on The Path.

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