Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fedex FAIL!!!!

Soooo, my iPhone was sent by Fedex overnight, which is very strange considering it was offered by Apple to Postal Employees. Why wouldn't they send it by USPS? Whatever...

Anyway, It was supposed to arrive on tuesday before noon. Which was nice because I had Tuesday off and could actually BE HERE at noon to sign for it. I got a call at 2 from Fedex saying that their driver was unable to deliver the package because it was missing an apartment number. I gave them the apartment number and they said that the driver would be there to deliver it within fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, my old phone has conveniantly stopped working right on cue, leaving me with no phone at all, but luckily I have a new one that's suppoed to be here in fifteen minutes, so no biggie. I can recieve calls but I can't send them, or do anything else for that matter.

Four hours later I checked the tracking number on the Fedex website to find that the driver took my phone back to the fedex office rather than deliver it to me, even though he had been given the correct apartment number.

On Wedensday I got yet ANOTHER call from fedex telling me that my package had no apartment number on it, and that the driver left it at the fedex office rather than take it out without an aparment number. Needless to say I was rather angry as they had wasted a great deal of my time yesterday by telling me it would be here within minutes. Not only did I already give them the apartment number, but the delivery driver didn't even bother to take it out with him again and instead told his superviser that it did not have an apartment number on it, and to call and ask for it today for delivery on thursday. This is, by the way, TWO DAYS AFTER THE TIME THAT THEY ORIGINALLY PROMISED IT WOULD BE DELIVERED!!!

So, I asked if I could just come pick it up, because i really NEED a phone for work. It's impossible to do my job without one. Well, not impossible, but it adds quite a few miles and a ton of time to go back to the post office to ask who needs my help, then go back out to whoever needs it rather than just calling in and heading there. It literally adds hours to my day, and wastes a crapton of the post office's gas.

I had to drive clear and the heck from state and 4800 S. to 3400 W. and 2400 S. to pick up my phone, and when I get there what do I find?



This is A picture that I took with the extremely nice digital camera in my new iPhone of the shipping lable for my phone. As you can see the aparment number appears very clearly in not one but TWO places. Leaving me to ask WHAT THE F#@K!!!

I will NEVER ship ANYTHING with Fedex EVER again because of this.

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