Friday, July 29, 2011

Thundercats remake

When I was like 10, Thundercats was one of my favorite cartoons. It was freaking awesome. So, when I saw that they were remaking the series I thought it could be either incredibly awesome, or incredibly awful.

Fortunately, it was incredibly awesome. I you liked the original, or are looking for an awesome animated show to watch, check out cartoon network's remake of Thundercats.

The show is basically completely different, about the only things that are the same are the characters and the villain. Rather than having a technologically advanced race of cat people in space fleeing their dying world for a new one, they are a more primitive culture without technology overrun by an ancient enemy thought defeated. Their entire race is almost exterminated or enslaved, and a few survivors must search for a book with the secrets to defeat the villain.

I liked it a lot, it had pretty good character developement for a cartoon on cartoon network, the animation and music were excellent, and the voice actors were pretty good too. The original Lion-o made a cameo as the new Loin-o's father. And it had quite a few other good references to the older series without trying too hard to copy it, or remake it exactly as it was. It's its own show that remembers where it came from let's say. So yeah, check it out.

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