Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sooooo, my brother's complaining about having no room in my apartment for any of his things has finally gotten to me and I've decided that maybe it's time to move to a somewhat bigger apartment. I'm not exactly thrilled about having to share a bedroom, I haven't had to do that since I was 10.

Anyway, the Lost Creek apartments where I live recently lowered rates on their two bedroom apartments and so I figured that I might as well switch my lease over to one of those. Normally there is a $150 fee for this sort of thing, but with how many complaints that I have given them on my new neighbor they decided to waive it for me. Honestly, it was the new neighbor, who STILL blasts his stereo, though not as loudly as before, that finally pushed me over the "OMFG I NEED TO NOT LIVE HERE ANYMORE" edge.

It's not a huge move. I'm simply moving to the building across from the one I'm living in. Having an extra bedroom will be extremely nice. My brother goes to bed at 4 AM and I get up for work at 6 AM, so he always wakes me and I always wake him. Plus he has a ton of stuff that he has been unable to unpack yet due to the fact that there simply isn't any room for it in this dinky little apartment of ours.

Unfortunately the apartment I'm moving to is also on the third floor so we'll have to carry all of our stuff down three flights of stairs, and then back up three more, but you know what, it'll be worth it to get away from the retarded punk jackass next door. I pity whoever moves in here after me. He's going to really hate life. The extra room and not having to share a bedroom will be very nice as well. Plus, my brother's friend has asked if he might be able to move in with us and share my brother's bedroom, which would be great because it would mean less rent for me to pay, and I'd still get a bedroom to myself.

They're not sure when the apartment will be ready for me to move into, the best guess is 3-4 weeks depending on how much they've got to clean up after the previous tennant, but I'll be spending pretty much all of that 3-4 weeks packing up stuff and cleaning up this apartment to get ready for the move. So I'm probably not going to be getting much in the way of writing done until the move is done with.

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  1. Let me know when this is going to happen and I'll come help!