Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sooooo, I was flipping through my copy of Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, the latest Wheel of Time book.

I found something in the glossary that I find extremely amusing.

For over a decade it has been one of the biggest questions in the world of fantasy nerds. Who killed Asmodean? I, for one, figured it out after having read the book in which it happened and never understood how anyone could not know who did it. (rather than looking for the person who killed asmodean, it's a simple matter of eliminating those that could NOT have killed him and you're only left with one character that could have been the killer) Aparently, most people are not as sharp as I am, and it's been building and building for years. Robert Jordan said that in the final book he'd have a big reveal of who did it just for the fans because of how many people had become obsessed with it.

Well, in the glossary, under the character that I knew all along was the one that killed the dude, it actually SAYS that she killed him, which kinda ruins the big reveal scene in the final book.


After a bit of looking on the internet i found that the first printing of the book contains this gigantic spoiler in the glossary, but all further printings have removed it. This problem had nothing to do with Brandon Sanderson, the writer completing the series after Robert Jordan's death, as the contents and text of the glossary were chosen by the editor, though that has not stopped the nerd rage against him from exploding amongst fans.

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