Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exile Part 1 Draft 5

Ok, so I've started working on draft 5 of Exile, and I've finished the prologue and part 1, both of which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

My main focus on this draft is cutting the word count down by as much as possible while removing as little actual content as possible. The prologue and part 1 consist of 5 chpaters, and from those five chapters I've managed to cut out 4293 words, which is about 27% of the word count, just by rewording things, and removing one small part that is retold later by one of the characters and didn't really need to be there now.

Anyway, rather than post this draft on my site chapter by chapter, i'm going to post it in parts. Part one is the shortest, and so it took the shortest amount of time to finish. Part two is the longest and will take considerably longer to finish up, so you may not hear from me on here for a while, unless someone does something incredibly stupid that I have to rant about.

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