Monday, February 14, 2011

Did you know...?

Fun fact: Overdosing on vitamin C causes rectal itching.

How do I know this? Because I was told by a male nurse at the hospital who said it with a mischivous half-grin and a wink, as though he'd just told a very clever joke, and I was the only one in the entire world he'd deemed worthy enough to let in on it.

"So, something you're gonna wanna do is," he said conspiratorially as he was yanking out my IV, "get one of those bigass bottles of Vitamin C pills, ya know, the chewable ones that taste like really nasty orange candy? And then just scarf those suckers like candy for the next week to help you immune system get back up to speed. But," *winkgrin* "if your bum starts itchin' you know you're taking too much, Overdosing on vitamin C cases rectal itching." *winkgrin*

Sadly, that was one of the higher points of my week. Not in a haha that was hilarious sort of way, but in a I have to laugh at a grown man acting like a child trying to act like a vulgar adult, but failing at it because his sheltered little child's mind doesn't really know anything that's vulgar enough sort of way.

So yeah, I've been doing a whole lot of absolutely nothing over the weekend. I slept, and I slept, and I slept some more. I've actually worn myself out by sleeping. Who'da thunk that just sleeping for a whole weekend could be so physically exhausting? You'd think i'd have run a marathon by how tired I feel today. And I can't sleep anymore, I've tried. I bet I could go a whole week without sleep and not even feel it now.

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