Friday, June 25, 2010

Where I've been...

So, several years ago an MMORPG came out called Final Fantasy XI. As a fan of the Final Fantasy series, I bought this game, and became extremely addicted to it. Once I finally managed to make myself quit I found that I'd basically wasted an entire year of my life that i would never get back.

Anyway, a fried managed to convince me to come back on a more casual basis, even though I'd sold my character on ebay so that I would never be able to log onto it again. I had forgotten what FFXI was like. I remember now why it is that I made myself stop playing it and why I will never play it again. It's an evil soul sucking vortex of doom that completely and utterly destroys your life if you let it. I've done little else this week but play that stupid game and when I looked back and saw how I'd wasted an entire perfectly good week I immediately uninstalled the game, told the friend thanks but no thanks, and promptly threw out the game discs so as to remove the temptation to ever reinstall it again. I will admit that I had a very major addiction to that game, and though I have not played it in quite some time before this last week, I see now that the addiction is still there, and probably always will be. I thought I had managed to claw my way out of it by focusing on other things like my writing, but then I let it suck me back in. Well, that's never going to happen again.

Anyway, one good thing did come out of this week. Whilst my brain was rotting away during countless hours of pointless character leveling up I came up with the idea for what I think is going to be a very good story. I'm still in early brainstorming stages with it, but I think it might become my next project after I complete Exile and Spires of Infinity. At the moment I've given it the name Splitplane Saga, but that will likely change as I get more into it. It's really kind of hard to briefly explain what it' about, so I won't. PLus there's the fact that I think this is a truly original idea for a story, and I'd like it to stay that way until I have a chance to actually write it. So i think I'll just keep it a secret until then ~_^ I will say that there is a war on epic scales in this story, but the story is not necessarily about the war.

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