Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exile Chater 32 rewrites

I've finished chapter 32 of the second draft of Exile and it can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

This chapter is made up of completely new material, and is basically the beginning of my completely new ending. The antagonist, Fayt Nightfang, makes his first real appearance, and reveals his true identity. I call this plot twist #2. Plot twist #1 being that Fayt Stain has been after Silmera all this time, not Malcolm. It's really not much as plot twists go, but there's some better ones coming up.

Fayt Nightfang takes this time to gloat and brag to Silmera about his plans, though he does not reveal his true objective or how he plans to complete it, only that he needs Silmera, Avalon, and Malcolm's success in fulfilling the prophecy to do it.

This story has been something of a nightmare to plan through, because normally you have your antagonist introduced early on, and he's there making your protagonist's life miserable throughout the story. This antagonist, though spoken of several times, has not had much of a direct hand in the events of the story up until this poing. He sends out his minions, and has kept his presense and plans mostly to himself. This makes it a little hard to keep things interesting, and to keep events moving an focused. it can also be a little confusing to readers and make them feel as though you're just dropping everything on them at once, which is usually a bit of a no no.

This chapter was added to the story in order to introduce him to you as early as possible, and give a taste of what's to come in hte ending. I literally could not bring him into the story any earlier than this, because I'm trying really hard to keep the ending a bit of a secret, so it hits you with more force than it normally would have had he been twirling his mustaches and spilling his guts througout the story like a bond villain. I want what happens at the end to come as a surprise, something that no one could have possibly seen coming. A good ending can make a crappy book great, a good book awesome and an awesome book spectacular. I'm not quite sure whether people will think of this book as crappy, good or awesome, but the ending is really going to make a lasting impression to those that read it, or at least I hope it is. In my opinion it's a pretty awesome end that better fulfills the promises I made at the beginning of the book than the original ending that I wrote for this story.

The first draft of this story ended at 117,352 words.
The second draft is currently at 198,577 words, which is a difference of over 81,000 words.

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