Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to writing

Soooo, after taking the weekend to remember what the heck I was doing after my week of being dragged back into Final Fantasy XI hell, I'm back to writing again today. I'll probably start posting chapters again either later today or tomorrow. I'm getting close to the end of Exile, and should be finishing it within the month (July, not June haha) This had taken FAR longer than I thought it would. I didn't realize how much work this story really needed, how much material would need to be added, and how much of the manuscript would have to be completely rewritten.

I've also decided on a storyline for Spires of Infinity 2 over the weekend. This story will be in the same format as Spires of Infinity, with a bunch of little side stories with one main storyline going on in the background until all of the characters come together. I've decided on the main storyline, not all of the little side stories, I think I'll do that like I did the first book. I put the titles of al of my short stories in a hat and then I drew them out when I needed something new to happen. It kept things random, and made it pretty fun to write. I'm calling this story The Path. The title is significant as it ties in to religious beliefs of a new character that I'm going to be adding. I won't say what it's about, but let's just say I put a whole bunch of genres into a blender like in Spires, and hit puree. This one will be more on the fantasy side rather than sci-fi, and will involve pirates, magic, gods, an immortal king with the powers of the gods, cool sea battles, sea monsters, a quest into the unknown mysteries of the islands scattered about the sea, and a revolution.

It'll take me quite a while to really work out what's going to happen and all, so don't expect me to start writing The Path for a pretty long time. I still have to finish Exile and Spires of Infinity before I can even think of starting another project. I also want to write Splitplane Saga (maybe Splitplane Chronicles, or The War of Echoes, still haven't decided on a title yet) sometime too, and it's starting to become a pretty awesome story the more I think about it. I'm pretty sure it's something that has never been done before, which is pretty much the holy grail of writing, because seriously, EVERYTHING has already been done before. Trying to come up with a truly original idea these days is like jumping into a lake without getting wet. I can sum it up in 3 words, but I won't, because I wanna keep this one SUPER secret until I'm done with it BWAAHAAHAA.

Anyway, back to focusing on the project at hand. I really want to finish Exile before the end of july so I can get back to Spires, which, to me, is the more interesting of the two. I hate leaving things unfinished, and the longer I take with Exile, the longer Spires remains unfinished.

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