Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spires of Infinity Artwork

So I have a friend (actually the one that tried to readdict me to Final Fantasy XI) who drew me a picture of Kari from Spires of Infinity (his favorite character). He's a super anime fan and you can definitely see it in his artwork, she looks like an anime character, and is wearing japanese clothing etc. Anyway, he says he's going to draw me pictures of the other characters too, but it took him about a month to draw this one so it may take quite a while.

Click the picture for a larger image =)
I linked to his photobucket of it, because I don't have my own and an kinda too lazy to set up an account right now.

It's pretty good in my opinion, just a few mistakes (her eyes are purple and the tips of her tails are supposed to be white) that are understandable because I normally don't have much in the way of description in the first drafts of my stories. If ever I get published I may ask him to draw my covers, he's got some other pretty good artwork. I like how he got her hair and ears, those are dead on ^^V.

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