Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Am Nobody Draft 3

Ok, so I lied.  I went to work on the third draft of I Am Nobody over the weekend and finished it tonight.  You can find it at the bottom of this page.

Mostly there are very few changes in this draft.  The only real changes were fixes to awkward and repetative wording, with a few things added in the end to bring some firmer resolution between Mia and Death, and Mia and her mother.

The Second Draft was 103,423 words in length.
The Third Draft was 104,332 words in length.

So as you can see, there wasn't a huge amount of changes made, barely 900 words added.  Like I said, this draft was mostly about fixing awkward and repetative wording.  Looking at the two side by side, you won't notice much difference except that the third draft is a bit easier to read.  Also, near the end there are one or two paragraphs added here and there to bring resolution that was lacking, such as Mia telling her mom that she loves her, and Death being forced to admit that Mia is actually his daughter and he may, somewhat, be proud of her... maybe.  You may also notice that there are more chapters now than there were before.  I had a few chapters that were two scenes together in one chapter, and I decided I would just make each individual scene its own chapter, no matter how short it may be.  It makes things simpler that way, and simple is, most often, better.

All in all, I'm actually pretty proud of this one.  It's coming a long pretty well, and it probably has some of the best writing I've ever done in it.  I've got one more major revision draft planned, where I wil try to cut about 9000-ish words from the manuscript by condensing and streamlining hte text as much as possible without ruining hte integrity of the prose, and a final draft to, again, fix any awkward wording, etc, and make sure it all fits together right.  I'd say I've got about a month to six weeks until I'm done with the final draft, making this the quickest book I've ever written in my life.  Hopefully I'll actually be able to sell this one.

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