Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Am Nobody Chapters 25-27 Draft 2

I've finished three more chapters of the second draft of I Am Nobody and you can find them at the bottom of this page.

These chapters were relatively well done to begin with and only required a few minor tweaks.  The beginning of the book needed a lot more than the end did because I had changed my mind on a few details, and gave others more solidity in the end, and had to go back and clarify everything leading up to them.  Everything in the climax here was pretty much as it should be, and only needed a bit of work to make things as clear as possible, and in keeping with the rest of the book.  Most of the changes I made here were to give Mia a final touch of character development before her big face off with Methusalam, and to remove all of the contractions.  In the first draft Mia just blindly plodded ahead with no doubts, and here I've added a paragraph or two here and there where she stops and thinks about what she's about to do, doubting herself, but then overcomes the doubts and goes on anyway.

Only three chapters left, but I've had about as much editing work as I can handle today.

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