Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aaaaaaand... Done.

I've finished the second draft of I Am Nobody and the last few chapters can be found at the bottom of this page.

I've got all of Second Draft chapters up individually, as well as the entire second draft as one file, and I also have the full first draft still up as well if you feel the overwhelming urge to compare them to each other.  Now I'm going to take a week or so off of writing and relax before starting in on the third draft.  I think I did pretty well with the second draft here, and I'm not sure how much work is left to polish things off, but I can usually always find something that I've missed while flipping back through a project. 

The First Draft was 86,696 words long, which was 149 single spaced pages in length.
The Second Draft was 103,423 words long, which was 175 single spaced pages in length.
That means I added 16,727 words and 26 single spaced pages to my second draft.

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