Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sooooo Brandon Sanderson is doing a charity drive to raise money for the Mayo Clinic (where Robert Jordan was being treated at the time of his death) and those that donate $10 or more are put into a drawing to have their names used as characters in teh final Wheel of Time book Details can be found here on his blog. And my name got drawn almost right off. Woohoo, my name is going to be used for a character in the finale of my favorite book series of all time ^^V. The character is a soldier in the White Tower Guard, though I doubt many of the people who read this blog are geeky enough to know what that means.

And one of the online reviewers I follow put up a pretty awesome video here with one of the most awesome lines ever in it. "Oh, great, your total apathy has turned us all into Gray Lanterns... The defenders of not giving a crap." Of course, that joke is only hilarious to nerds. The guy in the fedora is a mormon so the language in this one is mostly ok and when it's not it's mostly bleeped out.

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