Friday, October 21, 2011

The Eternal Chain Chapter 3 First Draft

So I've kind of gotten a bit sidetracked over the last month or so and have not done much writing. First there was a mail count at work that sucked my will to live, then I discovered Xenoblade, and then the last few weeks have been awful at work in recovering from the Columbus day off.

Anyway, I've finally gotten around to writing again, and have completed chapter 3 of The Eternal Chain, and you can find it at the bottom of this page.

This is a much bigger and better version of the original chapter upon which it is based. Rather than Raven vs a few idiots, there's a full house at the tavern, and the entire thing errupts into a huge and deadly brawl. More importantly there are quite a few elements of character developement here that were missing in the original. Kriss is shown as something of a cold killer, which she was in the original, though I didn't do so good a job of illustrating that character trait. Raven is the most powerful sorcerer in the world, but he is prohibited from using his power because the Black Tower can trace him by his tattoo. Brand shows a bit of his sadistic side, and you get a few hints as to why Raven is such an angry douchebag. I didn't really delve into that ery much in the original, but here I plan to more fully develope his character and his reasons for doing what he does. I also found that I was relying a little too heavily on his power as a Sorcerer in the original, and used quite a bit of plot conveniance to have the Black Tower showing up wherever he went. The idea that he can be traced every time he uses his power gives him limits, an provides a much better explanation as to how the Black Tower is dogging his trail.

This chapter completes the first cycle in the viewpoint pattern I intend to use for most of the book. This one is told from Raven's point of view, the only character beside Brand in the original to recieve any chapters from his viewpoint. Next will be Brand, starting off the next cycle of Brand, Kriss, Raven, and in that cycle I will be adding Temari to the end of it.

Enjoy =)

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