Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to work

Ahhhhhhh I sooooo needed that break. Anyway, Back to work for me. I only did a little today, as I'm still considering this as part of my break. I predict I'll be done sometime on friday with the whole second draft. I've posted a revised chapter 40, because I let my frustration and inability to concentrate ruin a lot of my ideas for changes in that chapter, so I went back and fixed them today. It's nothing much, just fixing a few sentances so that they make better sense, and changing a few details about Cain's control over the Apostle. Pain chases him from her mind, it's the only thing that he fears, and she was in a lot of pain, so I had to change it to something more like emotional pain, and pain caused by, but not felt by him as opposed to complete agony like before. The idea that pain chases Cain away is very important, because it's how Gabriel wins, and how the Apostle triumphs over Cain.

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