Sunday, March 13, 2011


I can't sleep. For anyone that doesn't know, I have suffered from severe insomnia all my life. My brain get's going in overdrive and I just lay there with a billion and one thoughts fying through my head like flipping through channels on the TV really fast with a sound of loud static. I'm a very visual thinker, in my mind everything is either pictures or sounds, which get translated into words when I interact with the world.

Anyway, while laying here with the jumble of craziness keeping me from sleeping, I suddenly had a brilliant idea. So I have been toying with the next volume in the Spires of Infinity storyline, and I'd gotten most of it hamered out and outlined, but there was something it was missing. In my editing of Spires whatever the outline for the second book is missing has gotten clearer and clearer. I have great ideas for it, and it will no doubt be as fun as Spires is, but there was something a bit off. It was missing something. And luckily, i was laying there, unable to sleep when the final piece of the puzzle, secondmost epic idea i've ever had, fell into my lap.

With The Path, as Spires 2 is currently called (was first called Revenant Hearts, until I realized taht there is already a video game by that name, then it was The Beginning of the End of Time, and then Lords of Time, and will probably end up being called something completely different by the time i've finished the first draft of it), I want something that is a little more than merely a sequel, or continuation of an ongoing story. I want it to be bigger and better than Spires, without overshadowing it or crossing into ridiculousness. This idea, while not changing much of the basic structure as i've already laid out, does this perfectly. And I'm glad that I had this idea now, because I can lay a bit of groundwork for it in Spires as I finish it. I'd also been looking for an idea to resurrect the Apostle without it seeming too farfetched, and this idea offers the perfect chance for it. She still has work to do later in the story, but she had to die to free herself of Cain.

Unfortunately, coming up with this seconmost epic of ideas that I have ever had, has me too excited to even try going back to sleep, hence the reason I'm blogging at 1 AM and not really saying anything. I'm usually rather paranoid of my ideas being stolen, so I always keep the good ones to myself until I've written them out. Therefore, this post has very little substance, and no purpose whatsoever except to take up 5 mins of my insomniatic night.

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