Monday, May 28, 2012


I've come to a point in The Eternal Chain where I need to take a bit of a break and develop a little of the plot in the middle of the story.  I thought I'd readied myself to write this story, but now that I've hit the middle it appears as though I was not entirely prepared.  The beginning and ending are pretty well polished off in my notes, outlines, and stuff, but the middle is a bit vague, so i need to work on that a bit before I write it.  Anyway, I've started writing another story called Starfire in the mean time.  I'll probably switch between the two over the next few months as I get bored with one and need something else to do.

Starfire is a story I've been kicking around for a few years now.  I've always wanted to write a big, epic, sci-fi story, something that could actually happen in the real future of our world rather than some fantastical otherworldly thing like Star Trek or Star Wars.  In Starfire, humanity has spread to huge space colonies that spread out from the Earth to the Asteroid Belt, housing billions upon billions of people who work to support the people of the colonies, and to provide agriculture and raw materials mined from asteroids to the people of Earth, who have depleted the Earth to the point that it can no longer support population without outside help.  The people of the colonies are oppressed by those still on Earth, and tensions have been rising for quite some time.  When a battle breaks out between the two, a colony is destroyed, killing half a billion innocent people, and a long and bloody war of vengeance begins. I know it sound rather boring, but I'm actually going to try to focus a little more on the philosophy of war, revenge, and forgiveness rather on things just exploding and people dying by the thousands in big, flashy battles.  There'll be enough of those, yes, but I want this to be a story that is more about a character sinking into rage and insanity, and desperately trying to find redemtion and meaning in a world full of death and opression than about things blowing up in space.

I'm going to do something new with this story that I've never done before, in that the main protagonist is actually the villain of the story and the main antagonist is actually the hero.

You can check out the first chapter at the bottom of this page.

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