Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exile Chapter 18 Rewrites

I've finished the second draft of Exile Chapter 18 and it can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

This chapter is new to draft 2. There are many things that are being added and changed that I needed a chapter here to help explain them. This chapter also shows taht Aaron isn't just hiding from the Samirreh, he's planning how to destroy them. Things that are important to the plot later on in the story are discussed. When I wrote the first draft I made much of it up as I went along. I knew the general flow of the story, but didn't plan out much of it, or really what happened in the story between the large events. That left out nearly ll of the explanations, character developement, and foreshadowing that are needed to keep the reader interested in teh story all the way to the ending. You need to know that the characters are aware of certain things and working on them earlier in the story so that they don't just literally pull the solutions to problems out of their back pockets on the spur of the moment to solve all their problems. That does not make for an interesting book. The character have to work for their solutions, and suffer for them before they can win, or else what's the point? So I put in this chapter, a much needed oreshadowing, plot building, set up, and explanation chapter.

The first draft of this story ended at 117,352 words.
The second draft is currently at 160,583 words, a difference of over 43,000 words.

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