Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exile Chapter 12 revision

I had intended to write another new chapter to come after Chapter 12, but it turned out that there was not enough material to make a complete chapter out of, so I tacked it onto the end of Chapter 12. There are now 2 pages of additional material at the end of Chapter 12, which is a good 1400 words or so, but to make a full chapter it needs to be at least 3000 or so, or to be a complete event, which it is neither.

This small piece is something I felt needed to be added to the story. Silmera makes peace with Mal's father before his death, and asks his blessing on her plans to bear the next Exile. While this might not seem very important to the story, I intend to use Viktor Thatcher's blessing on Silmera's intentions later on in the story, making it somewhat important that she actually does recieve it, because, as she has come to realize, she hates lying to Mal.

You can download the revised version of this chapter at the bottom of this page.

The first draft of this story was 117,352 words.
The Second Draft is currently at 138,371 words, which is just over a 21,000 word difference.

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