Sunday, November 5, 2017

NaNo Day 5

2276 words today.  Better than yesterday, but again, didn’t have much time today between church and  a family dinner at my parents’ house.  I know it’s probably bad, but I spent the whole 3 hours of church completely zoned out thinking through what I was going to write when I got home.  I didn’t hear a single spiritual word the whole time.  Shame on me XD.  Tomorrow I’m off work for a followup appointment for my surgery last month, so I should have plenty of time to crank out a bunch of writing tomorrow.  I’m getting into an easier section of the story to write, so I should be able to get a least a few thousand words.

I usually find the quieter, more character driven moments the easiest to write.  It’s the larger action-y parts that take a lot of time and meticulous effort, because there are a lot of extra details that you normally wouldn’t care about that have to go into them.  But two characters talking with each other about what drives them, I can do that all day long.  Heck, half of what I’ve already written for this book is characters taling with each other about what drives them.  I usually end up just stretching those types of conversations out to ridiculous length, and then i go through later and trim it down, leaving in just the best, most relevant bits.  It’s usually nice to be able to pick and choose.  I like this line from him, I like that response from her, let’s put ‘em together and delete the rest and there we go.  You can’t really do taht with action scenes.  You have to already have a pretty good idea what is going to happen in an action scene, and exactly how all of the elements come together.  I can spend a whole hour just getting a single paragraph done because I’m having trouble getting across exactly what character A is doing to character B.  I usually already have it pretty well mapped out in my head before I write it, so I usually get them done really fast, but every now and then I hit a snag where something doesn’t feel right, or something doesn’t really gel with the rest of it, and I have to sit there and work through it and it takes a lot of time.  You don’t really get that with character building conversations.

And I’m rambling.  It’s past midnight.  I think I’ll go to bed before I say something stupid.

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