Wednesday, April 24, 2013


After 6 months of hard work, I've finally finished I Am Nobody.  You can find it on my I Am Nobody Homepage.  I've got it split into chapters or all in one file.  I also have all of the previous drafts up for download if you feel the great urge to see what changed from draft to draft.

I was done with this Sunday... but then I had to spell check it, and let me tell you, spell checking 94,754 words that have never seen a spell checker before is about as mind-numbing and time-consuming a thing as there is in this world.  I have seen into hell, my friends, and it is a horrible, terrible, place full of torture and tedium the likes of which you have never experienced.  Hence the reason it took me three days to finish it.  Mostly it was me telling Microsoft Word that I know grammar better than it does, but it did catch a few oopsies that I missed, and then there was all the words that I made up that had to be added to the dictionary, etc etc etc.

The First Draft was 84,972 words long
The Second Draft was 103,423 words long
The Third Draft was 104,332 words long
The Fourth Draft was 94,486 words long
The Final Draft is 94,754 words long

Biggest changes in this draft are that I removed the half-assed love story sub plot, because it was terribly done and out of place.  The story doesn't need it and is far better off without it.  Removing it also sets up better for the next book of this storyline if ever I get around to writing it.  I'd like to, it was fun, but for the time being, I've got two half completed books I'm working on, and if I can't sell a first book to a series there's no point in writing a second.

Now I need to find a few people to read it and be brutally honest about it ~_^

It's good to be done, now back to finishing up Starfire ^^V

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