Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aaaaaaand done.

Welp, I've finally finished up my fourth draft of I Am Nobody.  This one was a hard one to get through, I got pretty burnt out in the middle, but I finally made it to the end.  As stated before this is the final major revision that needed to be done on this book.  I've got one last draft to do that will have some minor tweaks to it, but nothing really overt.  This draft was about removing repetative dialog, repeated descriptions, and streamlining the text.  Think of it as cutting away the dead weight in the story.  Nothing really changed, and nothing was really cut out, I just found ways to say the same things in fewer words, and removed any superfluous text that didn't serve much purpose to the story overall.  I'm pretty happy with the changes made in this draft, and I was able to drop just under 10,000 words from it by snipping a bit here, cutting a bit there, and rewording a bit over there.  This is pretty much perfect, as my goal was to finish somewhere between 90,000 words and 95,000 words

I've got all the chapters of the 4th draft posted individually on my I Am Nobody Homepage.  I also have the complete fourth draft available in one file at the very bottom along with complete versions of all previous drafts of the book if you feel the great urge to compare them.

First Draft Word Count - 86,696
Second Draft Word Count - 103,423
Third Draft Word Count - 104,332
Fourth Draft Word Count - 94,486

I'll get to work on the final draft next week sometime, after I've had a bit of a break.  I should probably be done with it by a week from Sunday at the latest.

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