Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wow, Patrick Rothfuss is a dick...

Ok, this is REALLY funny.

So, you know how I've been writing book reviews in my spare time for fun? Yeah, so I submitted the page I was posting on them to google.

Aparently Patrick Rothfuss, the writer of one of the books I reviewed was surfing around to see what people thought of his newest book and came across my review. He was so offended by it that he actually submitted a complaint to google (the ones hosting my site) that I had infringed upon his copyrighted material by reviewing it and they took down my review site. He then wrote me an incredibly nasty e-mail about it. I'll spare the details, but aparently the dude doesn't do well with criticism AT ALL. The really funny thing about it is that the e-mail was actually better written than his god-awful book was.

I've submitted an appeal to Google over this and I am certain that my site will be restored, because reviews of books are protected under the same copyright laws that protect the books themselves. I'm not infringing upon copyrights, I'm telling about a book I read and didn't like very much. Just because I didn't like it, and had some very bad things to say about it doesn't mean I'm breaking copyright laws, and Im sure google will agree with me on that once they've reviewed the case, so Patrick Rothfuss can suck it, and his next book better not suck or I'll post another awul review.

btw, somehow I'm now following my own blog and I can't figure out how that happened, or how to undo it hahaha.


  1. Lol, with a name like Rothfuss, how could he be any less?

  2. Do you have a link to the original review? Rothfuss is a fraud. He marketed his trilogy as "already finished, you won't have to wait like with George Martin's books".

    That was 13 years ago, and Book 3 still isn't out. He's just a liar. If he ever finishes the 3rd book, it will be so full of his hateful politics that anyone who isn't brainwashed won't be able to stomach him.

    1. I know right why hasnt he just split the book into more parts and released what he has

  3. He's a sweaty little neckbeard who has a grand total of two books, and a couple short stories. Don't worry about him. He's not even a has been hes a never been.