Friday, August 19, 2011

Ok, this time I'm REALLY done, I promise

well, my agent has gotten back to me on my recent batch edits on Spires of Infinity, and we both decided together that there were a few more small changes that needed to be made, especially Gabriel's conveniant deus ex machina escape from the Children of the Chosen. So now I've pretty much removed all use or mention of magic except for Kari, whose use of it I've changed somewhat to better reflect the differences between Humans and Heretics. There are also a few more changes I've made here and there. In all I added about 5000 words in this draft to explain a few things a bit better, add a bit more humor here and there, and make for a bit more realistic personalities for some of the characters, mostly Sam, because reading through this time I felt her personality was a tad bit over the top of where I wanted it to be. And this time my Agent promises that He's done asking for changes and once he's proofread the final, final, final, FINAL draft he'll start pimpin it out to publishers.

Anyway, if you feel the great urge to read the final final final final draft i've uploaded it all to my website here.

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