Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doooooooooom aaaaaand gloooooooom

So there i was, all ready to move. I have literally everything packed away and ready to go. I was planning to spend the whole day moving crap over. I'm making this post from my phone at a carls jr because my computer, my dishes, and my food are packed away. The apartment management seemed not to realize that when they told me i could move in today that i would show up first thing in the morning to do so. The apartment will not be ready until 5 pm. Meanwhile, i took today off work to move, but not tomorrow, the cable guy sent me an email saying he'd be here at 3:30, my power gets shut off this evening, and with everything packed away the only thing i have to do today is play with my phone and the battery is at50% with my charger packed away. I could have been almost done by 5!!!

does anyone happen to have a basket full of bunnies i could punch?

Anyway i have to get everything moved today or pay an extra day of rent on my current apartment, which completely sucks because it was their mistake, and i could really use some help from anyone that is able. Pizza and drinks are on me.

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