Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WTF moment

So, being a mailman and all, I tend to see a lot of magazine covers. There are magazines for things that you wouldn't believe. You know all those TV shows and movies that you see making fun of the ridiculous magazines that people subscribe to? They're all true, and, in fact, they're a little on the conservative side. For instance, there's a Korean guy on my route that gets a magazine titled "WDW2BB" Which stands for "White Dudes Wanting 2 Be Black". Which is a double WTF, first of all, there's a magazine for retarded white dudes who want to act like black dudes? and second, why is a Korean dude subscribing to this...?

Anyway, There is a magazine called "Pregnancy Magazine". Anyone who has ever subscribed to a magazine before knows that on your last 2 or 3 issues of a magazine they glue a notice to the front cover that says something to the effect of "Your subscription is up in xx months, renew now!!!"

So, in my 9 years of delivering mail (jeez, I've been delivering mail for 9 years *mindblow*) I've seen "Pregnancy Magazine" come and go to many different houeholds across West Jordan. I would imagine first time mothers are pretty freaked out by the prospect of what's to come, so there's no big surprise that there's a magazine out there devoted to helping women through a rough and downright frightening time in their lives. What makes me laugh is that the people who publish it, also send out the "renew your subscription for another year" notices.

Ok, first of all, a normal human pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. There are 52 weeks in a year. Assuming you start your subscription at the moment of conception (not likely) that leaves 12 weeks, or three months, that you're getting this magazine, and don't really have a use for it. So why, then, would you want to renew for another 12 months? It can't be for all the parenting tips it has in caring for an infant, there's other magazines for that, (and none of the previews on the cover give any indication that there is any young child parenting advice inside at all) and, though it does happen occasionally, most women are not going to jump right back into having a second child the moment the first one is born. In fact, in my experience, the women I know who have children never want to have another ever again for at least a few months if not years after the first because it's such an ordeal.

Anyway, I just thought that was amusing. But then again, I am easily amused. Gimme an unlimited supply of legos and you'd never see or hear from me again. They'd find my body amidst a sprawling lego city within my apartment beautiful enough to make angels weep.

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