Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Working on Spires Edits

Sooo, my Agent and I met face to face for the first time ever last week and we sat down together and he showed me the things in my Spires of Infinity Manuscript he thought needed changing. For the most part I agreed with him, when he pointed things out it was very clear to me that they needed to be changed. For the most part he was very impressed with it, calling it by far the best thing he's seen from me. I showed him what I've got of The Path so far and he likes the idea for the story and the new characters I'm adding, he thinks that if he can get a publisher on board with Spires, he'll be able to get a package deal for at least 4 books out of it, with an option to renew for more.

That he flew out to Utah just for this meeting with me gives me a really good feeling about his ability to sell Spires. I don't think he'd have bothered coming out to meet me in person if he wasn't absolutely sure I was about to make him a crapload of money. I'm getting pretty excited over this one. I think my time to be published has finally come.

Anyway, most of the changes he suggested were small things that you'll probably not notice unless you do a word by word comparison, but there are two big changes that will be pretty noticable. First of all is that in at one character's ultimate triumph over adversity I was telling that part of hte story from someone else's point of view, and it will have a much bigger impact from his point of view. And the second is that I used a bit of a lame plot device as an excuse to have a fight, what people in his profession call a "McGuffin" or a completely pointless object or event added only to lead to something cool and then be completely forgotten as though it was never there, where the something cool should be able to just happen on it's own. So i'll be tweaking it to remove the McGuffin and make a more realistic flow of events in the ending.

And when I get those edits done I plan to finally get around to posting the final draft on my site ^^V

The reason I haven't posted much lately, and haven't continued work on The Path is that I've been working on my agent's suggested edits to Spires. I should be finished with that this week so he can start pimping it out to publishers.

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