Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Path Prologue and Chapters 1-4

I've finished the prologue and chapters 1-4 of the first draft of The Path, and they can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Ok, this book is a direct sequel to Spires of Infinity, picking up pretty much exactly where Spires left off. These chapters introduce most of the new characters for this book. The cast of characters is larger, and the scope of the story is a bit more expansive than Spires. The rest of Team Evil and Team Good make their appearances and the main storyline of this book is set into motion.

Cain is plotting his own death, and has a new Subject that he's given great power to. And his partner in crime Stark makes her first appearance here. Stark is a very fun character because she is completely, over the top insane. I mean, who wears a black wedding dress to murder people? She and Allie are each one half of the personality of the little girl Allison. Neither of them are the complete consciousness, but both of them have enough of it to function as free thinking beings.

The Apostle is set free of Cain's influence by the Northern Sage, and as payment she is sent back to the Council on the World Closest to Perdition to be judged and punished for her failure and betrayal. I really wanted to resurect her, because she's an interesting character, and I did it in a way where I don't actually have to explain how she managed to survive. Though she was the antagonist for most of the first book, she did change sides in the end and if she can get out of her current situation she will return as a good guy.

The Lords of Time are a council of en and women that govern over time and they are pissed at Gabriel for his paradox. This is a bit of a nod at Doctor Who. I thought that it would be a little funny to toss something like this in because of Gabriel's worship of the Doctor in the first book. Of course the Council of Time Lords is completely different in this story, both by the way they do things, and thier actual intentions. Arthur is a very interesting character to me as well. Something happened in his early life taht he blames himself for, though he was not entirely at fault for it. He's been searching for a way to make up for it ever since, and he serves the Northern Sage now as the only uncorrupt Lord of Time.

And Christina has been chosen by the gods of her world to complete an impossible task. In order to accomplish it she must join the crew of a pirate ship captained by the father that she's never met. To join the crew she must masquerade as a boy, something she is loathed to do as she, like many 8 year old girls, does not have a very high opinion of boys.

Though it's not explained in this chapter it will be explained later in the story. The Gods of Pathia are mortal, and though they lead much longer lives than normal humans, they still die and need to be replaced. Therefore, the gods are always searching for the right replacements. Replacements must be tested before they are chosen. Each candidate is branded with a Pathan Brand which gives them a portion of the power and increased mental abilities that come with being a god. They are then given a vague and often nearly impossible task to complete. If they succeed they are given given the choice of either remaining as they are as pseudo-gods and going back to their lives, or obtaining the full power of a god and joining the ranks. If they fail the power that has been given to them can't be taken back, so they are turned to stone. Needless to say, Pathia is full of extremely lifelike statues. The Pathan King has gathered them into rows outside of his castle in a place he calls the Parade of the Fallen.

As with the first book, this one does not exactly play out in chronological order. I've placed the chapters in the order that best keeps the story flowing without causing too much confusion.

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