Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Days are Here Again!!!

Sooooooooooooooo, there I was, halfway through writing the next chapter of Exile last night when I got a phone call from my agent. It appears as though he may have found a publishing company interested in buying Beyond the Lost Horizon. Swanson Publishing out of New York is a newer-ish publisher that has previously only put out paperbacks of various genres, looking for their niche before moving on to hardbacks. My Agent Put forward to Swanson that now is the time to start delving into the fantasy market because of all of the great things that have been happening there lately, and what better book to be their very first hardback than mine.

At the moment they're "on the fence" about it, but he exects he can cajole them into accepting and signing a contract within the the next week. He explained to me that "on the fence" is publisher talk for "Interested, but you're asking too much, lower the cost and we'll take it under consideration". If this deal goes through you can expect to see Beyond the Lost Horizon in stores late next spring (and removed from my website as I will be under contract not to hand it out for free to anyone that happens to surf into me on the net).

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