Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exile Chapter 39 Rewrites

I've finished chapter 39 of the second draft of Exile, and it can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

This chapter and the one before it bear slight similarity to one chapter in the first draft, though they have been completely rewritten with more detail, different, and more characters, and new events to reflect other stroylines that have been added or removed. It's different enough that I can say that it's pretty much not the same at all, but the general idea between these two chapters is the same, a gathering of kings, lords and military commanders brought together by Aaron to fight the Samirreh in the final battle to decide the fate of the world. Mal arrives and forces his will on them as the rightful heir to all of Zion, and gets himself an army with a commander that he's idolized his entire life. These new chapters are far more detailed, and the characters are much more three dimensional rather than cardboard cutouts in the background whilst the main characters do all the talking. The story is still in the process of branching away from the original ending into the new ending so there will still be a ew slight similarities, but soon there will not even be that much.

Again, this chapter is told from the point of view of Lilia, just to mix things up. There will be at least one more chapter from her point of view, but not for a while yet. It'll be in the middle of the battle. And the chapter title is a bit of a nod toward Tolkein.

The first draft of this story ended at 117,352 words.
The second draft is currently at 211,941 words.

And still no word back from my agent other than that he's working on it. I'll post as soon as I hear whether we've got a deal or not. If not I was thinking of self publishing on amazon's kindle site until such time as my agent can get a sale, as writers retain all rights for their works through amazon for later publications.

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