Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New, improved, revised (yet again) beginning to Memories of What Never Was

Okay, so, like I said last week, I've been revising the beginning of Memories of What Never Was because I wasn't really all that satisfied with how it was turning out.  I was trying to keep the things I'd already written intact in the new version of the story, but they weren't really working with the new story, and needed to be tossed out and changed up a bit, and I also felt that the beginning of the book was a little too boring and a little too heavy on exposition to keep someone's attention, so I decided that I needed to introduce who the characters are and what they're capable of in a much more exciting way, using something I already had in the story, but in a much different way that I'd previously written it, and then expanding it into a huge and somewhat complicated action sequence that does the job of introducing people, places and things, with the added bonus of actually being fun to read.

So, anyway, I've posted the Prologue and chapters 1-6 of the newest version of Memories of What Never Was here if you feel the great urge to read them.  I'm off of work through next Wed, so I expect to get a lot more of it done over the next few days while I don't have the distraction of having to go to work.  The next chapter is where things are really going to start diverging from the original version, and so will probably take more time to get finished, but I'm off for a whole week with nothing else to be doing, so I should be getting it cranked out pretty quick.

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