Sunday, June 2, 2013

Remember Starfire...?

Remember Starfire? Yeah, that was that book I was writing before I started I Am Nobody for NaNo last November.  And in the several weeks since I last posted on my blog here I’ve been working hard on it.  I’ve come to an annoying realization with Starfire.  The story is too long for a mainstream science fiction book.  I mean, it’s going to end up at about three times the length of a normal sci-fi book.  I don’t like to do this, as I’ve yet to get any of my works published and basically get my foot in the door, but I’m going to have to split the story into multiple volumes in order to keep with current word count expectations for the genre.  And so, as I was very near an excellent breaking point, I have written up to that point, and *drum roll* TADAAAAAAAH!!!  I have now completed the first draft of Starfire: Attrition.  Yay me. 

I’ve yet to post any of the recent material on my Starfire website as of yet, due to my internet being a little dead at the moment (I’m posting this from my phone) But, I’ll get the ending of the first draft posted ASAP if anyone cares to read it.  This draft ended at just over 90k words, and through editing and revisions will probably end up around 105k words which is a little long for a sci-fi book, but not long enough for publishers and agents to dismiss it out of hand… hopefully.  I’d like to start right in on the second part, which will be titled Starfire: Retreat, once I’ve finished the final draft of Attrition, but I also have the incomplete first draft of The Eternal Chain that needs finishing as well.  We’ll see which one I feel like working on next.

Anyway, I’m currently shopping around for agents for I Am Nobody, seeing as how my agent seems to have dropped off of the face of the earth, and working on Starfire: Attrition revisions for the time being.

And that’s what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks.  Well, that and I’ve been rereading the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  GREAT series for anyone who likes a good mystery, urban fantasy (wizards in modern day), or just really entertaining, sarcastic characters.  I’ve read most of the books three or four times over the last decade or so, but man, even still, I can’t put them down.  They’re just too entertaining.

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