Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Don't settle for the lesser of two evils.

The presidential election is coming up in about three weeks.  We have Mit Romney running for the Republicans, and Barack Obama running for the Democrats.  And this is the problem.  In this country, whenever a big election comes along.  You can choose Republican or you can choose Democrat. Choosing a third party is generally throwing your vote away.  So who do we choose when neither of the candidates is worthy of the job?  What do we vote when neither man seems competent?  Whom do we send to office when you can't see how either candidate will represent your interests?

Mit Romney is a racist, sexist uberdouche that JUST DOES NOT GET IT when it comes to those that are less fortunate than he, namely the unemployed, the working poor, the disabled, and the elderly.  This is a man that would continue to lower taxes for the very wealthy, and place the burden of paying this country's bills more firmly upon a middle class that is already feeling the strain of it.  This is a man who would have us return to the Bush era, where all regulation of the financial institutions is removed, paving the way for another economic collapse.  This man does not understand, or does not want to see, the measures required of this nation's leadership to both get people back to work, and start paying down the national debt.  Instead, he wants to offer handouts to those who support him, namely people who have more money in pocket change than you or I will ever see in our entire lives, and continue to squeeze every last drop of blood from everyone else.  This is a man who considers the unemployed, the working poor, disabled veterans who gave up their ability to work for the freedoms that we enjoy, and the elderly to be subhuman, without the right to food, medicine, homes, or life.  He is a man who does not understand that workers are the backbone of society.  He would apply pressure to that backbone until it snaps, leaving the USA crippled for the rest of its life.

Barack Obama is an impotent idealist without the political experience required to fulfill his duties as president.  We've all heard the slogans, yes we can, change we can believe in, hope, etc.  And we've all seen how Obama has brought none of these things to the table.  He flounders around ineffectually because he's not smart or forceful enough to bring his opposition around to see his point of view.  And so what does he do about it?  He sits around, twiddling his thumbs, and blaming EVERYONE on God's green earth other than himself, the true root of the problem.  He has excellent ideas but no idea whatsoever how to implement them, and does not possess the political savvy required to bring those who might on board with them.  He is utterly impotent, ineffectual, and frankly, cannot get out of office fast enough.  He spends ridiculous amounts of money on things that can wait until the economy stabilizes, and wonders why the debt keeps getting bigger.  The man just does not understand how to balance a checkbook.  He JUST DOES NOT GET IT when it comes to implementing measures to correct the problems in our great nation.  Instead he spews platitudes about hope, and things getting better in time, without ever actually taking any steps to correct the problems, instead preferring to blame others and put his head in the sand to ignore problems until they go away.  He would rather borrow increasing amounts of money from China to fund this country's wars than raise taxes as has been done every time in HISTORY that this nation has gone to war except this time.  If you want to fire missiles at our enemy, it comes with a price, and that price must be paid by someone.  Obama seems to understand this concept even less than Bush did.

Do you want either of these men leading our country?  I sure as hell don't.  So what do we do when the system for choosing a president has always been one guy or the other?  Whom do we choose when both candidates are crap, and you can't really see as how one of them is any better or worse than the other?  I suppose you could just not vote at all as a statement of your displeasure in the choices, true, but I tend to believe that if you choose not to vote, you forfeit your right to complain.  And me, I'm a great one for complaining.  So then, what do you do?

Were you aware of the fact that there are currently seven other people with their names on the presidential ballot for the upcoming election?  You can find a Full List of 2012 Presidential Candidates by clicking this link.  You DO NOT have to choose Mit Romney or Barack Obama.  They are NOT the only choices.  And for the love of God, NO ONE in their right mind should vote for EITHER of them.  I urge anyone with half a brain who is as discontent with the prospects for this election as I am to take a look at these other candidates.  familiarize yourselves with their policies and political histories, and choose one of THEM to vote for come November.

It has often been said, and quite firmly proven that a vote for a third party candidate is basically throwing your vote away.  I say that it is not.  Yes, it is inevitable that Romney or Obama will be the president for the next four years, and not much you will do can change that fact.  But by voting for a third party candidate you send them a message.  You tell them that you are NOT happy with them, and that you chose to vote for another.  Every vote for a third party candidate is a vote that tells them they're the political refuse that they are.  You tell them that they are so worthless as a candidate that you would rather vote for someone that has NO HOPE of winning rather than for them.  I can't think of a more insulting message to send to a candidate that has no business whatsoever running for president of the United States.  It tells them that there are people out there that are NOT content to choose between a tyrannical overdouche or an wimpotent idealist.  The more votes that they do not receive, the more people are going to take notice.  And the more that people take notice, hopefully, the more things will begin to change.  And THAT is what this country TRULY needs right now.  Change.  NOT Obama's idea of change where he points out that it is needed and is completely ineffective in doing anything about it, then blames other people for nothing changing.  Because the system does not seem to work any longer, and things are just getting worse and worse with no end in sight.

This nation can be fixed, but for that to happen, people need to start taking control of those whom we place in office to govern us.  People need to realize that there is more to voting than choosing the lesser of two evils.  If you're not happy with the Republican or the Democrat, CHOOSE SOMEONE ELSE.  If that doesn't work for you, run for office yourself, or find someone to support in doing so.  So long as the American people take the lazy view of elections, nothing is ever going to change, and nothing is ever going to improve.

It is my opinion that Neither Barack Obama, nor Mit Romney is presidential material.  Neither man deserves to be president of the USA, and neither of them SHOULD be.  Neither of them are even remotely qualified for the position and should not be allowed anywhere near it.  That is why I am choosing to vote for someone else.  This may be seen as throwing my vote away by generally everyone, but to me it is a shout of defiance that I will not put up with this bullshit anymore.

You do NOT have to choose between the lesser of two evils, nor SHOULD you.  There are ALWAYS other choices.  All you have to do is take the time, and put in the effort, to familiarize yourself with them and make the choice that is right for you.  When NEITHER candidate is worthy of your vote, DON'T VOTE FOR EITHER OF THEM!!!  Vote for someone else.  Send a message to the Republican and Democratic parties that they need to take better care in choosing men or women to run for president.  This is completely unacceptable, especially in times such as these.  America needs a strong leader who understands the gravity of what's happening, has clear ideas on how to fix the problems, and the political know how, combined with a personality strong enough to win opposition over to his side.  Neither of these men fits that bill, and neither of them will be able to do a single thing to fix things in this country.  Neither Romney, nor Obama, deserves my vote, and so neither of them will receive it.  I urge you to find someone else to vote for as well.

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