Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Memory of Light

If you're like me, you've been looking forward to the ending of The Wheel of Time for AGES.  Well, the ending I've been waiting a good two thirds of my life for is nigh.  January 8th is when the final book of The Wheel of Time will be released, and my employers have provided me with the entire 70 page prologue of the book, with promises that I will get a reviewer's copy of the full novel near the beginning of December.  Apparently there are perks to being a professional book critic.

I've just finished reading the prologue, and I won't be a dick and spoil anything.  I think it's available on Kindle through if you want to pay $3 for it anyway, but still, I won't spoil anything.  HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there are not enough exclamation points in the universe to do that sentence justice.)  The book certainly starts off with a bang, almost EXACTLY where the last book left off.  In a mere 70 pages, there is already a sizable body count amongst minor characters, one of the Great Cities has been utterly destroyed, and one of the LONGEST arguments in Wheel of Time theory history is laid to rest.  As the beginning of the end of the series that basically taught me to read, it was suitably epic, and I cannot wait until I have the entire book in my hands.  I may not sleep for a couple of days when I get my copy of the full book.

If you are willing to shell out the $3 for the kindle version of the prologue, and are excited as I am about the end of this series, I definitely recommend it.  I could not stop reading it, there was way too much awesome.

Edit:  I've been told that I will have to sign a non-disclosure statement upon receiving my advanced copy of the book.  I know it's only going to be a month and all, but I think not talking about anything that happens in it for that month may kill me...

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