Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Only Excedrin Can Get Rid Of Your Headaches.

Do you get frequent headaches? Do you take Excedrin for it? Is Excedrin the only over the counter pain killer that works for your headaches? Well, let me tell you about Excedrin.

Back in the 80s, there was a study done on the addictive properties of Caffiene. Before that time, it was not considered an addictive substance. The makers of Excedrin saw the results that Caffiene is indeed addcitive, and the withdrawl symptoms are severe headaches. SO, they added a large dose of caffiene to each of their Excedrin pills, about equal to that of a large cup of coffee. Every time you take Excedrin, you are taking a HUGE dose of Caffiene too. They're addicting you to the caffiene. Once you've taken Excedrin long enough, you start getting Caffiene withdrawl symptoms, which are typically severe headaches. You take more Excedrin to get rid of them, and it works, not because Excedrin is also a pain killer, but because you're getting your Caffiene fix and feeding your addiction. You will find that the only pain killer that can rid you of your headaches is Excedrin, and so you keep buying it, but it's not the pain killer that is getting rid of your headaches, it's the Caffiene in it.

Smart on their part, I'd say, though there are some in this world that would likely call them evil bastards.

If you are taking Excedrin, and get headaches every 3-5 days, you are addicted to caffiene. If you would like to stop getting headaches, all you have to do is not take Excedrin next time you get one. It will not be fun. Your head will hurt like hell for about 30 hours straight, but once it's over, your addiction will be broken. Until, of course, you eat or drink anything else with caffiene in it.

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