Friday, January 13, 2012

The War of Echos Chapter 2

Christmas is over, life is returning to normal, and now I finally have spare time to get back to doing what I enjoy doing: Writing. So, starting the new year off I've finished the next chapter of Spitplane Saga: The War of Echos, and it can be found at the bottom of this page.

The prologue of this book begins things off with a mysterious traveler telling a story. The second chapter takes place on Shard, introducing the major characters in that world, and the conflicts that they face. This chapter introduces Echo, the sister world of Shard. Where Shard is technologically advanced, Echo is not, relying on magic rather than technology. It's more of an obvious fantasy setting, and it is the world in which most of the series will take place after the first book. This chapter is from the point of view of a relatively minor character and it takes place seventeen years before the previous chapter. Most of the chapters dealing with Echo will be flashbacks until about the 2/3 mark of the story. Echo has a lot of back story and politics that need to be told and worked through to build things up, and in Shard, all of the back story was easily told in one chapter. The interesting story with Echo is in the past, but the interesting story in Shard is in the present. So I've put conveniant little headers on all of the chapters that tell what world they're taking place in and when to keep it from getting confusing.

Anyway, chapter two is told through the eyes of King Gollahar, and like I said, he's a relatively minor character, but at that time in the story the main character of the Echo storyline was a newborn. I wanted to give an introduction to Echo, Echoria, Rosengarten, and some of the beliefs of the people, while also showing that Aara is a bit of a miracle child, and to do all of that, I had to go back to a time before she is a viable viewpoint character and show it all through the eyes of a minor character, etc.

anyway, enjoy.

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